Design Schematics

Having a plan and a vision of what you are trying to achieve before embarking on a refurbishment project of any kind, will avoid costly amendments to the specification once the project is underway.

Our design and procurement services can take your brief and assist with developing your proposals into fully featured artwork and display materials for presentation and approval.

Improved Environments

There are proven productivity advantages from modernising your working environment in addition to the functional gains from the intelligent use of space and lighting.

Considered, thoughtful and aesthetic design with the integration of plants and artwork will create an improved atmosphere for staff and enhance the impressions of your clients and customers.

Architects and Agencies

Melea and its associates have successfully collaborated with a number of architects and design agencies to develop their proposals for client presentations and planning applications.

This has included 3D computer modelling and renders for large format print or digital displays, alongside consultations, mediation, site management and liaison services between agencies and landlords, tenants and local authorities.